November 21, 2011

Week 31 - So much going on!!

Whew - I'm still here folks, and all is going well!!  Sorry about the blogging break - things were a bit hectic around here, which means I have lots to report. 

Let's see....where to start?   How about with our prenatal classes?  I know, woo woo prenatal classes, how enthralling right?  Seriously though, for those of us that are birthing a child within the next couple of months, it's actually VERY enthralling.  And for those that are hoping to birth that child in the comfort of their own home (without pain medication) it's even MORE enthralling!!   We decided to take a class with the childbearing society because of their focus on natural childbirth, and so far, we are really happy with our choice.  We've been to 3 classes and we already feel much more confident about our ability to handle childbirth.  Now let's hope the next few classes that focus on childcare instill confidence in our ability to look after our little girl once she arrives. Because I hear, contrary to popular belief, that looking after a newborn is actually more terrifying than giving birth to said newborn - heh.

And with that in mind, let's talk about doulas!  For those that are wondering, a doula is an individual who provides non-medical support to a woman and her family during labour and childbirth, and sometimes during the postpartum period too.  In order to achieve our hope of having a natural homebirth, we've decided to hire a doula to help support both Patrick and I during the beautiful (but likely long and difficult) process of giving birth to our little girl.

So a couple weeks ago, I met with one of the highly recommended doulas from Acumamas.  I soon discovered why these ladies are so highly recommended.  From the moment we first started chatting, I knew I'd feel safe and comfortable having this woman with us while going through the birthing process.  And with that, we hired ourselves a birthing doula!  She's also licenced to perform acupuncture, which means acupuncture treatments are part of her doula services.  I'm not normally one to follow alternative medicine, but I must admit, the statistics that point towards the benefits of acupuncture and preparing a woman in late pregnancy for labour are quite compelling.  And it certainly won't cause any harm - so I figure - why not!

We also plan on hiring a post partum doula (for at least a couple weeks after little girl arrives), since we don't have a lot of family and friends here to help with the baby during those crazy first few months. A post partum doula is kind of like a nurse, and a nanny, and a lactation consultant, and a light housekeeper all rolled up in one terrific package!   If we need help with the basics of newborn care, she can show us what we need to know.  If we need a couple hours of rest, she'll look after the baby while we do so.  If we need someone to run a load of laundry or two or ten, she'll do so.  If I need help establishing breastfeeding, she'll have all sorts of pointers and tips. And if we just need to know that the crazyness we are experiencing is a normal part of newborn life, she'll be able to reassure us of that too - haha.   Pretty awesome right?  I thought so too!  We've got someone in mind and are hoping to meet up with her sometime this week or next.   

Hmmm....what else?  Oh yes, we revamped our bedroom last weekend (including a new coat of paint) just in time to have our maternity photos taken on Saturday.   Yup, that's right, we redid the entire bedroom one weekend before the actual photo shoot.  Nothing like a deadline to get my arse in gear (we've been meaning to paint the bedroom for close to a year now - hah).   We also made a lovely padded headboard  (something else I've been meaning to do for YEARS) and decked out the bed in new linens.  We went with a nice warm grey for the walls, and kitted out the rest of the room with purple, white and dark grey decor.  I love it!  You'll get to see how it looks once we get our photos from the photographers!

Which brings me to our awesome photo shoot with Gracci and Rico!   The morning started out with a make up session with Ai Nagasawa.  Ai was super sweet, and easy to chat with as she did my make up.  I didn't take any photo inspiration of what I wanted - just told her to make it natural looking - and I was super happy with the results!  I felt absolutely gorgeous, which as some of you know, can be difficult to achieve when 31 weeks pregnant - hah.   Then Gracci and Rico arrived (and brought our little girl the sweetest pair of teeny tiny shoes - how crazy thoughtful is that!!) and we started the shoot with some "lifestyle" photos in our own home.  Saturday was actually one of the few sunny (albeit cold) days we've had in a while, so after we finished up at home, we made our way to the olympic village for magic hour.  Normally I'm not a huge fan of being in front of the camera, but when I'm all dolled up, and when I know the caliber of photos the photographers are capable of, I don't seem to mind so much - haha.  I had a ton of fun and can not WAIT to see the photos.  Hopefully, we should have them before Christmas - yay yay yay!!

And now for the weekly (or not so weekly) check in:

Week: 31 (3/4 of the way there!)

Weight Gain: I haven't stepped on a scale in some time now - but I do know I'm well over 20lbs gained at this point.  And although the number on the scale is kind of crazy to see, it doesn't really bother me.  In fact, I was saying to some gals at work the other day, that this is the least self conscious I've felt about my body in years!  I'm not constantly trying to pull in my gut, or worried about muffin top.   In fact, I tend to wear more form fitting tops just to SHOW OFF the belly - haha.  It's really quite liberating!

Feeling:  The heartburn and indigestion have set in for good it seems.  I suppose I did well making it this far without much issue in that regard, but it really takes the fun out of eating when the first thing you think is...hmmm I wonder if this will come back to haunt me at 3am!

Maternity Clothes:  The weather has cooled off considerably, and I found myself wearing the same 5 tops week in and week out, which meant they were getting washed alot, and thus, very worn looking.  So I finally went out and splurged on some new winter items!  Picked up some sweaters and long sleeved tops, as well as a couple pair of skinny jeans to wear with my new boots.  I'm pretty much all kitted out now :)  My only problem at this point is taking the dog for a walk in the rain.  I refuse to buy maternity rain gear for such a short period of time!  So far I've been able to wear my non maternity rain paints below the belly, but that's not going to last much longer.  And I wear my rain jacket unzipped with a fleece underneath which helsp to keep most of the water out.  I think I might have to get a cheap poncho soon though.  Lovely. 

Cravings: Still none.  How boring.  Maybe I'll add a couple more things here instead.  How about a report on the belly button (still an inny) and stretchmarks (still managing to avoid these) over the next weeks!

Milestones:  How about being close enough to the end to be taking prenatal classes?  Oh and we took a fantastic infant and child CPR class too!  Aren't we the overly prepared parents :)

Movement:  More and more movement these days.  And it's not just kicks now...I can actually feel her move her hands and legs across my belly.  Just the other morning we played the "I poke you and you poke me back" game.  So cute!!  And for some reason, she loves going hog wild the minute I get into bed and rest on my left side.  Funny girl. 

Weekly Wisdom:  Enjoy the lazy moments whenever possible (and boy did we enjoy being lazy on sunday after a few hectic weeks).

Random Name Ideas:  We are really hoping that the name we have chosen fits our little girl when she arrives, because we don't have much of a list other than that - haha.

And a terrible photo - just cuz I love you all that much:

Prepared but Hectic Mama!

November 1, 2011

Week 28 - hello third trimester!

Wow - lots of fun things have been happening around the English household!  You'll have to forgive my posting absense last weekend; my parents were visiting this week, so we were busy getting ready for their arrival (suuuuuuuuuuuuuure our house is always this clean mom & dad - hah).

First things first, I'm happy to report that my glucose tolerance test was completely normal - phew!  Now I won't feel guilty when snacking on the leftover halloween candy - om nom nom nom.  Seriously though, the test was, shall we say...interesting?  After an 8 hour fast (overnight), I arrived at the blood lab bright and early to have the first tube of (fasting) blood drawn.  Then I chugged a very sugary orange flavoured drink (think flat c-plus but sweeter) and hung around in the waiting room for two hours until the 2nd and 3rd tube of blood were drawn at the one and two hour mark respectively.  Needless to say I was very happy to have a banana and a granola bar in my bag because I was damn hungry after all that fasting!

And it's a good thing I don't have to cut out the sweets altogether because baby girl really seems to like them! She's been moving a lot more over the past couple of weeks.  So much so that she's actually keeping me up at night.  She's also kicked Patrick in the back when I snuggled up behind him in bed, and she makes my belly vibrate and jiggle with her movements.  I've always thought baby movements would seem really freaky - like the movie aliens or something.  As it turns out, when it's your own baby moving around in there, it's actually a huge comfort.   Brings a smile to my face every time I feel her moving around, letting me know she's alive and kicking :)

Of course as soon as someone else puts their hand on my belly, she stops completely - the little stinker!  At least my mom was able see her move my belly while she was here!  And we went for a 3d ultrasound while my parents were visiting too, so they got to see her rubbing her face and moving around on the screen.   We did a lot of other fun activities while parents were here too....explored the anthropology and maritime museums, picked pumpkins from a patch, ate out at tasty restaurants, walked along the seawall, and attended a surprise baby shower - for me!

What an amazing baby shower it was too!  Without my knowledge, vancouver Jayne (not to be confused with toronto Jane - although I think the two of them would get along like two peas in a pod - haha) organized and hosted a gorgeous shower while my parents were visiting!  It was awesome to have my mom there, joining in the festivities and putting faces to the names of all the wonderful Vancouver ladies in my life. I was completely overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and generosity, not to mention the tasty treats and beautiful decor; I swear it was like something straight out of Martha Stewart Living!! Pictures to come (as soon as Jayne sends them to me *ahem*).

I must say, Patrick played his part in the surprise to a tee.  He never let on about the event, and made it seem like he and my parents had just come up with an activity for us to do that very morning.  He very casually mentioned keeping the activity a surprise "just for the fun of it" so I really didn't suspect a thing! Not even when they blindfolded me to "keep me in suspense for a bit longer" and led me over the lawn, up the front steps and through the door of Jayne's house - haha.   Well done love!!

As you can see, baby and I have been pretty darn busy!  I guess it's time for the update:

Week: 28

Weight Gain: I'm now up by 19 lbs.  The number is slowly creeping upwards, but I'm really not too concerned at this point.  I feel like I'm all belly, so that's good!

Feeling:  Feeling pretty good these days.  My middle back still aches by the end of the day, but I find it's worse if I've been sitting around a lot - so getting out and about with my parents has been great.  I also went for a prenatal massage which was amazing!  You can bet I made a second appointment as soon as my first session was done!

Maternity Clothes:  The cold weather has arrived, and my jackets are no longer zipping up, so I broke down and bought a 20 dollar fleece jacket in a men's large (thank you costco).  It's not pretty, but it has plenty of room, and keeps me warm so it will do the job for now!

Cravings: Starting to doubt that I'll ever have a "textbook" pregnancy craving at this point.  Only time will tell I suppose.  

Milestones: Third trimester - woot woot!  Scary and exciting all at the same time. This baby is going to be here in no time.

Movement:  Lots of movement in the past couple of weeks.  Much stronger, and much more consistent throughout the day too.  Except if I'm trying to get someone else to feel it of course.

Weekly Wisdom:  Make sure to get up and get moving, even if you feel slow and cumbersome.

Random Name Ideas: We're stll pretty happy with a specific name combo - nothing else has come up yet that beats it....any guesses?

And something a little different for a bump photo this week (plus a few more photos just for fun)

My belly is as round as that diving bell - haha

  My view from across the ottoman while eating breakfast (ie pls don't throw away your cereal milk)....
Patrick's new shades...
 Mom and Dad at the Pumpkin patch!

One Very Lucky Mama!

October 17, 2011

Week 26 - Bonjour!

I'm back from a week in Montreal, and let me tell you, I am so DONE with flying!!  At least for the rest of this pregnancy anyways.  My tailbone is NOT a happy camper. Granted, it never was after a flight (even before I was pregnant), but it's being particularly tempermental after four flights over the course of three weeks in my current condition.   I've made an appointment for a prenatal massage, so I'm hoping that will help to alleviate some of my aches and pains!

The conference I attended (International Conference of Human Genetics) was quite interesting, and my poster actually recieved some attention which was nice!  As the first author of the poster, I'm required to stand around for an hour and answer any questions people have.  I always worry that no one will visit my poster, and I'll be standing there twiddling my thumbs for the entire hour.  Turns out, there was no reason for concern as there were quite a few people with questions and comments!

I was welcomed back to Vancouver by some beautiful fall weather.  We took the pup for a walk through the endowment lands on Sunday, and it was so nice to be back there wandering around.  Although this growing girl in my belly makes it difficult to wander around for any length of time without requiring a bathroom!

And on Sunday afternoon, friends of ours dropped off a whole bunch of baby stuff; it felt like Christmas!  They brought a vibrating chair, a co-sleeper, a couple of baby carriers, a bunch of receiving blankets, wet diaper bags, and 3 tubs of clothes!! I had a peek through the clothes, and there were so many adorable outfits in perfect condition.  I can't wait to dress this little girl up!

Let's see what else is going on?  Oh right, we've booked a 3D ultrasound for next week when my parents are visiting.  I can't wait to show of this little girl to her grandparents.  Patrick and I are pretty excited about getting to see her in more detail too.   And we've booked a maternity photo shoot with our wedding photographers!  We're going for a "lifestyle" shoot more so than a bare belly shoot, and I couldn't be more excited.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to share our favorites here!

Weekly Update:

Week: 26

Weight Gain: I'm now up by 16 lbs.  I'm actually pretty happy with that number.  Hopefully the weight gain will be sure and steady from now on (just a bit less than a pound a week they say).

Feeling:  Looks like my most recent aches and pains are due to something called pubic symphysis diastasis. Basically,  it's due to the release of relaxin causing a widening of the gap in the pubic bone.  It's generally a good thing as this allows for more room during the birth process, but it can cause pain in both the pubic bone area, and radiating out to the lower back too.  I'll talk to the midwife about it during my next appointment, though I don't believe there's much that can be done for it other than resting!

Maternity Clothes:  I finally found some new boots!!  They aren't maternity boots or anything, but they look good under my boot cut jeans OR over my maternity leggings - so I'm really happy.  I've been trying to find new boots for over two years (hate all the round toe stuff out there).  I guess I'll have to get some more leggings and perhaps some skinny jeans since I have a pair of boots I can wear with them all winter long.

Cravings: Just this week, for a fleeting moment, I really wanted jello.  It didn't last long, and I think it's because I caught a fruity smell that reminded me of jello when it's first disolving in hot water.  Don't know if that counts - but I can tell you that jello is NOT something I usually wish for - haha.  

Milestones: No major milestones to report this week.  I'll be going for my glucose tolerance test this week, so hopefully I'll be able to report a pass on that next week.

Movement:  She's been a bit more quiet this week.  Perhaps all this travelling has messed with her internal schedule - heh.

Weekly Wisdom:  Take time to really enjoy being a couple before baby arrives.

Random Name Ideas:  So we have a name that we both really like, but we're going to hold off sharing it for now.  It's not set in stone, and we're still open to new ideas - but I think that's why we've slowed down a bit on the name front.  Perhaps my parents will have some ideas for us next week!

And bump photo for this week:

Montreal Mama!

October 11, 2011

Week 25 - Thankful

Things continue to move right along!  The weeks just dragged by in the first trimester and now they are flying by.  Baby girl is growing away (as is my belly) and she seems to be doing quite well.   Had another midwife appointment this week and my fundal height (size of my belly) was bang on for how far along I am in the pregnancy.  Her heartbeat was chugging along (still love hearing it every time) and she's moving around a lot more in there now.   The only issue was that the urine dipstick test (lovely I know) came back positive for sugar (not for protein which is the more worriesome of the two).   It's (very) possible that I ate lots of some sugar laden items the day before my appointment, so I'm not too worried yet.  The midwife recommended I go for the fasting glucose tolerance test (which I would have done anyways) so I'll do that next week at some point.  They just want to be sure that I am not developing gestational diabetes.

And before you say anything Dad, one does not get gestational diabetes from eating too many sugary treats!!  heh.  But the midwife did suggest that I try limit my intake of sugars regardless, as too much sugar makes big babies.  She also said it can make babies that are dependant on sugar when they first arrive on the scene (haven't heard much about this before - but word on the street is they can be kinda cranky if they are sugar dependant ruh-roh)!   However, she also said not to deprive myself completely, so the apple crumble pie I made for thanksgiving did not go to waste :)

Speaking of thanksgiving, I ended up making a whole turkey for just the two of us! No, this was not the original plan. So the story goes like this.  I wanted to make a turkey loaf that a friend from work told me about (two small turkey breasts layered in a loaf pan with stuffing and cranberry sauce between them, all wrapped up with prosciutto - yum) so we went to granville island market as I knew my chances of finding just turkey breasts at the supermarket were rather slim.

There is a specific store in the market that deals mainly in turkey meat items (some chicken too), so I figured that was the best bet.   The market was packed (it was a beautiful sunny thanksgiving weekend saturday - what the heck was I thinking!!), but luckily the store was in the midst of cutting up more turkey breasts - score!   So I explained what I wanted and she said she could portion out two small turkey breast halves for a total of 5lbs of turkey - double score!   She told me the price, which I heard as 16 something - also very reasonable.

I give her my debit card, and she rings it up on the machine.  As I am wont to do, I hit the ok button barely a glance at the price...but luckily catch a glimpse of the numbers six four zero zero before the machine changes to the next screen.  Hmmm...that can't be right.  Hit correction button. Yep, it says $64.00.  She must have punched it in wrong.   "Um excuse me miss, I think you put the wrong amount in - the price here says 64.00"   And here's the kicker - the price WAS NOT WRONG!!!  They wanted 64.00 for 5lbs of turkey breast meat.  I sputtered, turned red, and mumbled my apologies and walked away without those seemingly gold infused turkey breasts!

Off to save-on we went...hoping beyond hope that they might have turkey breasts.  Of course they didn't.  But they did have a small 9lb turkey for 20.00.  SOLD.   Turkey sandwiches for everyone - haha.  It actually turned out quite good if I do say so myself.  And I still used prosciutto in the making, so all was right in the world again.

Seriously though - SIXTY FOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE!!!  Oh, I'm sure they are very happy, organic, free run, grain fed turkeys (er..were), but you know what....I am not a millionaire.  I can not justify spending that much money on a single meal that I must cook myself.  And no, my conscious does not keep me up at night (it would if I spent that much moola on 5lbs of turkey breast though - hah).

Other than that - not much else to report.  I'm heading to Montreal for the International Congress of Human Genetics conference meeting this week.  Yep, makes me sound smart doesn't it?  Don't be fooled.  So back on a plane yet again,  My tailbone is going to be SO angry with me.  Ah well, all for the name of science right?

Week: 25

Weight Gain: I finally had a chance to weigh myself in the morning (the usual time I weigh myself) and the scale said 14lbs.  So either I lost a pound (unlikely) or the extra pound was due to weighing myself in the evening (more likely).  Regardless - the midwife said this is a good range to be in, so not too worried.

Feeling: The middle/upper back pain is becoming rather bothersome.  It gets to a point at the end of the day, where I just can't get comfortable no matter which way I sit.  You can bet I'll be booking an appointment for prenatal massage as soon as I get back from Montreal!

Maternity Clothes: I'm thinking I'll be wanting a few more sweaters yet - hello rainy winter vancouver! I'm also going to have to start thinking about a winter jacket of sorts.  And something for walking the dog in the rain.  Perhaps just a cheap poncho for the latter issue, but I'd like to find a convertable winter coat (maternity to non-maternity) that I can use even after the baby arrives.  Saw a couple in Motherhood - might have to give them a whirl.

Cravings: You know, I still haven't had a TRUE pregnancy craving.  And by that I mean, no MUST HAVE IT RIGHT NOW cravings.  I was kinda looking forward to that, in a weird science experimenty way - haha.  Oh well, it could still happen I suppose. 

Milestones: Nothing major this week - she's just dancing along in there.

Movement:  I like to think of her movements as dancing, and gymnastics with a bit of karate thrown in!

Weekly Wisdom:  Take time to really enjoy being a couple before baby arrives.

Random Name Ideas: No ideas this week!  We really need to get on the name train - heh.  Any suggestions?

No picture at the moment - but I'll try to take one tomorrow morning after I get ready.

October 4, 2011

Week 24 - Papaya!

Whoops - did you see that time warp?  Somehow we jumped from Week 21 to Week how in the world did that happen?  Oh wait, never mind, I remember now....things got a little hectic and I sort of kind of slacked off - hah.   But not to worry, weeeeeeeeeeeee're back!  And I do mean we, because baby girl is starting to take up a whole lot of real estate around these here parts.

Why so hectic you ask?  Well let's see, it might have had something to do with flying to Italy and back over the course of a single week.   Might I suggest that a trip of that distance is not really a great idea when you only have a week?  We were juuuuuuuuuuuust getting accustomed to the time change when it was time to turn around and head back again.   Ah well, the weather was gorgeous...28 degrees and sunny (dare I say almost too hot - blasphemy I know), the wedding was lovely, as was leisurely strolling around Rome with Patrick's family, and the food was plentiful (mmmmmmmmmmmmm gelato)!

And in baby news - we have reached VIABILITY!!  Medically speaking, viability is the point at which a prematurely born infant has a 50% chance of long-term survival outside of mom's womb.  Of course, we don't want baby girl making an appearance any time soon (hear that little girl, you stay right where you are, snug as a bug in a rug), but it's still an exciting milestone!

She's been kicking up a storm as of late too. Her little staccato beat keeps me entertained through out the day, and I've even felt a few kicks from the outside.  Even more exciting - Patrick was finally able to feel a kick the other day too!  There really IS a baby in there :)

We arrived home from Italy on Wednesday, and both of us took Thursday and Friday off from work to recover from the jet lag. Whose great idea was that again? Oh right - mine - heh.  Turns out the nesting insinct beats out jet lag - who'd have thought.  We managed to clear out a ton of stuff from the second bedroom and dropped it all off at the local thrift store.  Baby girl's closet may actually have room for baby clothes!

And now for the weekly update:

Week: 24 (baby girl is the size of a papaya)!

Weight Gain: I haven't had a chance to way myself in the morning (my usual time) but I did step on the scale the other night and it claimed I was up 15 lbs now.  Between you and me, I think he's lying.  Either that, or all that pasta, pizza and gelato is catching up to me!   

Feeling: On the diclectin front - I'm down to just 2 a day, so I thiiiink I'm finally turning a corner here.  Just in time too, as it looks like I'll be replacing that discomfort for heart burn, round ligament pain, and backaches - haha.  And have I mentioned the night wakings to go to the bathroom?  Yep, that's started already too.  I woke up four times the other night.  FOUR!!  I didn't think THAT was supposed to happen until I got a bit further along.  Stupid small bladder.  Ah well, good practice for when baby arrives I suppose.

Maternity Clothes: We arrived home from summery italy to wintery vancouver, so of course I had to get a couple more pairs of jeans and some new sweaters too! 

Cravings: Truffles!!  And I don't mean the chocolately kind.  Last time we were in Italy I was able to taste truffles (of the fungus variety) for the first time, and boy was I happy to have them again this time - YUM!  And the gelatooooooooooh.  Makes me want to run out and buy myself some right this instant.  Lemon of course.   But as soon as we stepped off the plane and felt the cool autumn breeze, I instantly wanted pumpkin everything! haha.  

Milestones: Viability baby!  And of course feeling baby girls kicks from the outside too :)

Movement:  Lots of movement now.  Thank goodness she's not keeping me up at night with her gymnastics (yet), though she whomped an "oof" out of me the other day, so I am guessing it won't be long now.

Weekly Wisdom:  Stop eating BEFORE you're completely full, unless you enjoy feeling as if your stomach  might explode at any moment!

Random Name Ideas: Lots of ideas from family and friends while we were in Italy: Ludovica, Mercedes, Natasha, Danielle, Delilah, Chiara, Brietta...and so many more that I forget now!

A change in weather equals a more fall-ish photo this week:

And a little bonus - here's a video that Patrick put together of our trip to Italy.  My belly makes an appearance a couple of times, as does my favorite gelato place! 

Viable Mama!

September 11, 2011

Week 21 - over half way there!

Wow - time is really starting to move along quickly now!  Those first few months of pregnancy seemed to last FOR-EV-ER and then all of a sudden we're more than half way there with lots of stuff to do between now and the due date - haha.

Of course the big excitement this past week was finding out we're having a little girl (and getting an "all normal" on the scan was awesome too)!   It's really starting to sink in now - wow, a little girl!!   We keep talking about things that she might do or say or experience.  Or what we might have to deal with as she gets older - haha.  And of course, the planner in me has been set free to plan, plan, plan and shop, shop, shop.

This week, I've been focused on cloth diapers! I've been doing a ridiculous amount a decent amount of research on the subject, and I'm pretty sure I have a good handle on it now.  Before I go on, I'm sure some of you are probably wondering - just how much research does one really need to do for cloth diapers?   Let me just say - these are not your grandparent's cloth diapers!   Not that there aren't cloth diapers around that are similar to what our grandparent's used (they're called "flats"), it's just that there are a whole heck of a lot more options now!

From prefolds, to fitteds, to pockets, to all in one's to, all in two's, to hybrid systems, to covers, to soakers....well you get the idea.  And of course everyone that uses cloth diapers have their favorites, and much of which depends on personal preference.  I'm not going to go into great detail, as there are many that have gone there (in much better detail) before me, but I will tell you what we have in our cloth diaper "stash" so far!

Newborn diapers:
12 newborn prefolds + 3 bummis covers (free from a friend!)
5 rearz fitted diapers (awesome deal on
17 motherease fitteds (on loan from wonderful friends of ours)
3 kissaluv fitteds (also on loan from our wonderful friends)

One Size (will fit after newborn stage up until potty training)
3 Grovia all in ones (great deal from
8 Fuzzi Buns pockets (by 6 get 2 free - woo)

Not bad eh?  They say if you have approximately 24 - 30 diapers, you'll be doing laundry every 2-3 days which is fairly reasonable. I'm happy with our newborn stash but I do have a "wish list" of one size diapers I'd like to add: 

GoodMamma Turned Fitteds
Tot Bots All in Ones
Bum Genious 4.0 All in ones
Annie Marie Padorie (AMP) One Size Duo Pockets
Rumparooz One Size Diapers
Flip One Size Day Pack

Whew - that's a long wish list of cloth diapers haha.  And most of those are not exactly cheap either (retail between $20.00 to $30.00 each)! So I'll keep an eye on various sites for sales and deals, as well as craigslist for barely/gently used diapers.  By the time baby girl arrives (and she is big enough to fit into the one size diapers) I should hopefully have a good stash built up.

I've also been working on a "registry" of sorts.  I'd been looking for a way to keep track of all the items we'd like to buy for baby girl, that could also be easily accessed by both of us while out and about, and I think I've found the perfect solution.  Originally, I signed up for a registry at Babies R Us and TJ's (BC based kids store) but when neither of those stores had specific items, I became frustrated at needing to sign up for yet ANOTHER store registry.  And that's when I came across  It's a centralized registry that allows you to add items from any store (online or brick and mortar) which means, only one place to go when trying to remember exactly what the name was of that very specific swaddle blanket that everyone considers a must have!  It's free to sign up, and the best part?  With the simple click of a button (easily added to your search bar) you can add just about any item on the web to your wishlist.  Now that's my kind of registry!!

And now for the weekly update:

Week: 21 (baby girl is the size of a banana)!

Weight Gain: The scale says I'm up 9lbs now.  Hmmmmm so now the weight starts to add on a bit more quickly.  I'm sure it's all baby.  Yeah, that's it.   

Feeling: I'm feeling gooooooooooood.  Haven't weaned from the diclectin, but I ordered some B6 in 25mg pills (which is half of what diclectin is) So once that arrives, I'll start trying to substitute those in place of the diclectin and see how that goes.  Finding myself easily out of breath when walking uphill (why didn't I get in better shape before I got pregnant - doh) and my upper back has been bothering me after sitting all day.  But again, nothing major to complain about. 

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new this week.  Saving up for our trip to Italy - heh

Cravings: Did I mention that my sweet tooth is back?  The sweeter the better it seems.  Yeah, gotta put a curb on that!

Milestones: Real honest to goodness movement!

Movement: There is no denying it now, I am definitely feeling little kicks and punches and flutters in there!  The placenta is still muffling things a bit, but the kicks are getting stronger every day!  I can't wait for patrick to feel her kicking too. 

Weekly Wisdom:  There is no such thing as too much research!

Random Name IdeasSeverine, Bria, Ivy   Patrick: Emerald (Emma for short).

And a couple pictures this week - first the usual side view:

And the mama perspective view!  I can still see my toes - barely :)

Cloth Diapering Mama!

September 6, 2011

Week 20 - Bring on the PINK!!

Well I'm a little late posting this one up, but it was the long weekend and I was feeling lazy (imagine that) AND we were booked in for our anatomy scan this morning, so I knew I'd have exciting news to share anyways.  And so I put off the post until today :)

Now let's get to the exciting news!!  The anatomy scan went VERY WELL this morning - HUZZAH!!  Everything looks normal with no soft markers for chromosomal anomolies - and we found out we're having a GIRL!!!

We were definitely surprised - for some reason I think we were both leaning towards boy....but when the tech said "looks like you're having a little girl" and the 3 tell tale white lines appeared up on the screen (like this picture - which is not ours but you get the idea) we couldn't argue with the evidence - haha!

So it looks like it's sugar and spice and everything nice for us!  And I know I said the first ultrasound made things more real, but both Patrick and I agree, that getting the all clear on this ultrasound, and finding out the sex of the baby, makes it so much MORE real, and so much more exciting too.  It's so nice to be able to say "she" and "her" instead of "it" or "baby" when referring to the pregnancy. And we're already daydreaming about what our little girl will be like, and what amazing things we'll get to experience with her.  It's just so much easier to feel connected to her now!

She was really wriggling around in there during the scan, and when I mentioned that it was hard to  believe I couldn't feel her movements, the tech said there was good reason for it!  Turns out, I have an anterior placenta - that's doctor speak for placenta on the front side (tummy side) of my uterus - and it's acting like a cushion against all of baby girl's kicks and punches!  Which of course, makes so much sense now as any movements I have felt have always been very muffled.  He said I'll be able to feel more definitive movements in the next couple of weeks - yay!

Let's see....what else happened this past week?  Not much can trump the anatomy scan news - haha!  I must say it's been a rather productive week/weekend.  We spent much of it tidying up the house and clearing out a lot of junk from the laundry room, which is now completely reorganized with plenty of room to spare for all our costco purchases.  Yep - the nesting thing really does come in handy!

Hmmmm....I discovered that the dress I purchased for Marc and Fra's wedding went on sale - isn't that always the way it goes? Usually this kind of thing is very frustrating and doesn't work in my favour since I almost always rip off the tags and throw on the new item of clothing about 10 minutes after arriving home. But in this particular case, I hadn't worn the dress;  better yet, I hadn't taken off the tags either; even better still, I was within the 30 day refund window!  So guess who returned the dress and bought it back for a much lower price?  SCORE!! And of course since I was in the store already, I had to take advantage of the great sales they had going on. Picked up a pair of grey cords, a long flowy skirt and a couple of new tops too - DOUBLE SCORE!! 

Oh and I finally hemmed my two pair of maternity jeans so I'm not dragging the cuffs around in the dirt!  Yep - pretty darn productive!  Next weekend we're planning on tackling the second floor including the second bedroom (which will eventually be the nursery) and the den.

And now for the weekly update!

Week: 20 (baby girl is the size of a cantaloupe)!

Weight Gain: I'm up 7lbs altogether.  Still not too bad for half way there, but I must say the last few weeks has been about a pound per week - which is a bit more than they suggest.  I wonder if that has anything to do with my sweet tooth returning?  Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   

Feeling: Haven't tried to stop the diclectin this week, but I am feeling really great.  Definitely starting to feel the weight of the baby.  Spending the day on my feet in flip flops probably isn't the best idea anymore.  And my hips are starting to get a bit more achey at night - but really - not much to complain about at all!

Maternity Clothes: New cords, skirt and tops for a really great deal - woot woot!  I also splurged and bought myself a few more pairs of maternity underwear from Thyme Maternity.  They really are ridiculously comfortable!

Cravings: My sweet tooth is back!  Just in time for the arrival of halloween candy season - ruh roh!!  Mmmmmmmmmmmpumpkin mellowcremes....I have missed you so!

Milestones: Gee, let me think - oh right - IT'S A GIRL!!!  And a healthy looking one at that - YAY!

Movement: Definitely feeling more movements every day, though still quite muffled.  Baby girl enjoyed kicking my very full bladder this morning before the ultrasound.  I guess it was cramping her style! 

Weekly Wisdom:  Hearing the word "normal" when having an anatomy scan is like music to thine ears :)

Random Name Ideas:  Not many suggestions this week - I think we knew we'd be able to eliminate 50% of the name pool really soon, so we held off - hah.  I have a feeling the name game will pick up with great speed now!

I haven't taken a pic yet this week (bad mama) but I will scan the ultrasound pics and add those tomorrow, and I'll try and take a belly pic tomorrow night too!

Girl Lovin' Mama!

August 28, 2011

Week 19 - almost half way!

Well this week started off on a sad note for many across Canada.  On August 22nd, Jack Layton, leader of the official opposition party, passed away.  And many (regardless of political leanings) wept for the loss of a great politician, a great leader, a great man, and a great friend.  May you rest in peace Jack, knowing you've inspired Canadians everywhere to come together and make our country a better place.

And in BC a precedent of sorts was set this week - when 55.4% of residents voted to scrap the HST. Many people of BC were not happy with the underhanded way this tax was introduced, and so they made themselves heard.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 18 months before the switch back is slated to happen.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, this is a pregnancy blog, so let's get on with the pregnancy stuff already!  First and foremost, baby wants to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma Thompson.  Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you Grandma!!

In pregnancy news - what the heck is with all the CRAZY dreams that one gets while pregnant?  I've had some seriously messed up dreams during this pregnancy.  For example:

Patrick and his work buddies were going on a camping trip somewhere "up north", and for some strange reason I drove part way there with him so I could say goodbye.  We stopped for a snack at a donut shop in a strip mall, and then Patrick left really abruptly without saying goodbye, and without giving me the keys to the car!  So there I am, stuck at a random strip mall, with no keys, no cell phone (which didn't seem out of the ordinary for some reason) and no idea where patrick and his buddies went camping.

I wandered around for a bit and finally found a payphone, but since I couldn't figure out how to get in touch with Patrick, I was left trying to explain his general whereabouts (he's at a camping place somewhere around here) to the operator (yep, that's right - the operator). Of course, she had no idea what I was on about, and in the meantime, a long line of people waiting to use the phone was building up behind me.  So I wandered around some more, and made a few more futile phone calls to the operator, until I came up with the brilliant idea to call my parents. Thank goodness my Dad (who you may recall lives in Ontario) was able to drive all the way "up north" to get me! hahaha.  Thanks Dad - I appreciate you saving the day :)   They say it's not uncommon for pregnant woman to have dreams about abandonment - but this was just ridiculous.

Not all of my strange dreams deal with abandonment issues (thank goodness).  Let's see, I've been Bieber's mentor (yes Justin Bieber personally asked me to be his mentor); I've found myself back at my university abode, arranging and rearranging furniture in a ridiculously cluttered room with a grade school friend;  I've watched a man eat a live writhing snake and then pull it back up tail first snapping and biting (first time I've ever thrown up in a dream) and I've run from countless monsters, aliens, vampires and you name its!  I don't know if it's the hormones (when is it not really) or something else - but dag yo...these dreams are crazy!!

Not much new on the movement front.  I was home sick on wednesday and I'm pretty sure I felt a few low kicks while lazing about on the couch, but still nothing definitive.  Wait, I know - it must be my stomach of steel that's dampening the kicks - yeah that's it!  hah.  Oh and I woke up with a lopsided belly the other day, which righted itself when I gave a gentle nudge to the hard little bump!  Such a weird feeling.

Ok, enough about weird dreams and lopsided bellys - let's move on to the weekly update:

Week:  19

Weight Gain: Forgot to check yesterday - whoops!  I'll report back next week - let's say it's still 5 lbs - heh. 

Feeling: Still not feeling 100%, and still trying to figure out the right number of diclectin that will get me through the day.  Regardless, I'm just happy that I have something to get me through the ickyness!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new to report on the clothing front - ordered some new shoes from Aldo, but none of them fit, so I took them all back.  Not sure if that's a pregnancy thing, or just a wrong size thing.

Cravings: Been having a few food aversions this week again, so no real cravings to speak of.

Milestones: Hmmm....not much to report here either - ummmm...almost half way there?!?

Movement: A few light kicks and a lopsided belly. 

Weekly Wisdom: "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world!"  Jack Layton

Random Name Ideas: Lots of suggestions this week:  My dad suggested Olivia.  Amy: Ethan, Evan, Weston, Drake, Ryker (little nod to the trekkies out there)  Patrick: Calvin

And BUMP PIC (don't worry - next time I'll wear a shirt that doesn't blend in with the background)!

Dreaming Mama!

August 21, 2011

Week 18 - Negative is a GOOD thing!

Well this week was definitely one of relief.  After hearing about our negative genetic screen results from the midwife, I am feeling more relaxed about this pregnancy!  Although I'd feel even MORE relaxed if this baby would make his/her movements a bit more noticeable already - haha.   I keep thinking I feel "something" but then I don't feel it again, so I figure it's probably gas or stomach rumbles or whatever.  And I've had a few instances where it feels almost as if I'm going over a hill on a rollercoaster - but I haven't really heard it described like that before.  And of course, since I'm paying so much more attention now, I'm noticing every rumble, bubble, nudge and noise!

In the meantime, I've started researching various baby accessories in earnest (yay planner amy is BACK - haha). And can I just say there are a million options for each baby item?!?  But I've always liked a good research challenge :)  So far I've been looking at strollers, pack 'n plays (aka playpens) and cloth diapers.  All of the options for just those items alone should be enough to keep me busy for weeks!   Babies can be pretty darn expensive with all these "must have" accessories, but we're very lucky - we've had so many people offer to help us out, that many of our bases covered already! But don't worry, I'm sure there will be more posts in the future about baby gear as I deliberate over this option versus that.

And now - the weekly check in...

Week:  18

Weight Gain: Up a lb this week to make a total of 5 lbs gained so far. 

Feeling: Slowly getting better.  I'm down to just one diclectin a day.  Tried again to cut it out completely, but the afternoons are still my witching hour.  I find if I take one diclectin at 10am - I'm good for the rest of the day. 

Maternity Clothes: Didn't buy anything new this week (imagine that) but I've been really enjoying wearing all my new clothes.  So very comfortable!

Cravings: Still nothing crazy - I keep waiting for some crazy urge to strike.  I'm sure it will take me by surprise when/if it does.

Milestones: Negative genetic screening results -woooohooo!

Movement: Still nothing definitive - lots of "odd" feelings going on - whether that's because the baby is moving, or because I'm paying closer attention is left to be seen. 

Weekly Wisdom: Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep, or you'll be paying for it the next day!

Random Name Ideas: We've been oddly quiet on the name front this week. I think we're just waiting to find out the sex of the baby - then we can go hog wild coming up with names.  Oh wait - I forgot - Patrick offered up Magenta (for a girl). 

No bump pic this week - but things haven't changed much from last week ;)

Negative (in a good way) Mama!

August 17, 2011

We interupt this weekly broadcast for an exciting interim report!

Just heard from the midwife today, and we were given the "all clear" on our genetic screening tests!!  Which is very exciting news to this genetic counselling gal :)

Our risk for having a child with Down Syndrome went from my maternal age risk of 1 in 287 way down to 1 in 11000 - woohoo!!   And our risk for having a child with Neural Tube Defects went from the population risk of 1 in 600 to 1 in 4700 - woohoo!!

Needless to say we're very relieved and ever so happy!  Next up, the anatomy scan on Sept 6th.  Once we get an all clear on that ultrasound, I'll really be breathing easy.  But I am definitely feeling less concerned as the days go by.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!

A Very Relieved Mama!

August 13, 2011

Week 17

It's been a quiet week of sorts. Gave a blood sample on Monday to finish up the integrated prenatal screening process (genetic screening for certain chromosomal abnormalities and a few other complications of pregnancy).  The results are usually ready in 7-10 days, so by the end of next week we should know if the pregnancy is above or below the screening cut off of 1 in 200.  If our risk is below 1 in 200 we breathe a sigh of relief and move on; if the risk is above 1 in 200 then we're eligible for further diagnostic testing aka the amnio.   We'd obviously prefer the former.  Not too much longer now - keep your fingers crossed! 

In more exciting news, I think I may have felt the baby move this week.  It was only a couple of times, so I'm not really certain, but if felt like a little nudge from the inside, fairly low in the belly, right where my uterus should be.  And yet, when I actually focus on it, I can never feel anything.  Maybe it was just gas - haha.  It's still fairly early, so I'm not worried, just impatient.

And I think the nesting instinct might be setting in too.  While putting away the flour the other day, I just HAD to stop and immeadiately clean up all the shelves in the pantry.   Like I literally could NOT go on with my day unless those pantry shelves were neat and orderly!  haha.  Wacky.  I could see this nesting thing coming in handy - so long as it doesn't get out of control that is.  I've heard stories about woman that get a bit obsessive about needing things C-L-E-A-N clean.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah,  I can see all my old housemates laughing now.  For some odd reason, I don't think I have to worry about that.

And now for the weekly update!

Week:  17

Weight Gain: Hasn't changed from last week - still at a respectable 4 lbs. 

Feeling: Still feeling a bit icky if I haven't eaten in a bit, but I definitely have more energy again, and am finding myself contemplating all sorts of home improvement projects. 

Maternity Clothes: I finally splurged and bought a new bra at Change.  I asked the lady for my regular pre pregnancy size and she took one look at me and said, "ummm, I don't think so".  HAH!  Turns out I have moved up a whole cup size.  And we aren't even half way through.  Oh dear.

Cravings: I still haven't experienced true "I MUST HAVE THAT NOW SO PLEASE DRIVE TO THE 24 HOUR GROCERY STORE AND GET IT FOR ME HONEY" cravings.  But I have bought lunch from the same sandwich joint all week long. It seems baby really wants soup and salad this week.

Milestones: Movement (I think)!

Movement: A few nudges that seemed too low for gas.  But not really any of the classis "bubble" or "popcorn" or "fluttery" feelings. 

Weekly Wisdom:  There's no use worrying over things you can not control (hey I didn't say I actually FOLLOW my own words of wisdom).

Random Name Ideas:   Patrick:  Troy, Amy: for once I didn't have any!

And new this week - BABY BUMP PICS!  Look at that facial expression - oh yeah, I'm glowing alright. 

Is it gas or is it baby Mama!

August 7, 2011

Week 16 - mmmm avocados!

Baby's size has reached one of my favorite fruits - Avocado - YUM!  Don't worry baby, I won't eat you....I promise!

Not a whole lot going on this week.  I had my monthly appointment with the midwife, which means hearing the heartbeat - so much fun!  She found it right away, and it was chug a lugging along just as expected.  My blood pressure was great, and all of the blood work that was done in Week 12 came back normal.  She said the ultrasound was normal as well, although they did mention seeing a small posterior fibroid.  Nothing to be concerned about (and I'm not) but they made note of it and will check it again at the 20 week ultrasound to see if it has changed.   Shouldn't pose a problem regardless.

I tried weaning myself off the diclectin (again) - not such a great idea (again).  Ah well, it was worth a try I guess.  Luckily my benefits WILL cover the cost of the prescription, so it's not going to cost us an arm and a leg should I need to get it refilled.  I'm holding out hope that it will get better before I need to the refill.  I'm not worried about taking it, but it would be nice to feel better all on my own.

I finally found a dress for Marc and Francesca's wedding!  It was a bit tricky as the empire waist dress has gone out of style, so most regular dresses won't do, and the maternity stores I've checked haven't had much to offer either.   Interestingly - I ended up with a dress style that I was pretty sure I did NOT want - a maxi (long) dress made of jersey.   I was worried that the maxi would make me look like a tent, and the jersey would be too casual, but the dress I ended up with is a nice shade of green (somewhere between army and forest) with gold beading around the neckline so it's a bit fancier (will be dolled up even more with some nice gold accessories) and it fits quite well according to my husband - heh.   Plus jersey is easy to pack too - bonus!

And on to the weekly update:

Week:  16

Weight Gain: I think I'm still hovering around the 4 lb mark, though I haven't checked in the past couple of days!

Feeling: Unfortunately not feeling good enough to be free of the diclectin - boo. 

Maternity Clothes: Bought a cute top at Winners that I wore to a couple of parties this weekend.  It shows off the new bump quite prominently and as a result, I had my first comment from a stranger - asking me when I'm due!

Cravings: This week it's been fudgsicles!!  Mmmmmm now I want one.

Milestones: See mention of stranger asking me when I'm due!

Movement: I keep trying to focus on feeling movement - but haven't felt anything definitive yet.  It's still early.  But I keep hoping!

Weekly Wisdom:  A watched baby never moves - hah.

Random Name Ideas:   More name suggestions from the peanut gallery: Farcas, Hercules, and Apollo (you'd think we were having a puppy, not a baby - haha)

Avocado Mama!

August 2, 2011

Week 15 - Hello San Francisco!

What a great week!  Patrick won some flight vouchers in a contest at work, so we booked a long weekend trip to San Francisco.  It was really nice for the two of us to get away and spend some time together before the baby arrives.

We ended up doing a lot of walking (so much walking), and shopping and eating as we toured the city.   We visited Alcatraz, shopped around Union Square, ate breakfast in the Haight while watching marathon runners cruise by, took pictures of an albino alligator at the National Acadamy of Science, toured a WWII submarine, had our fortunes told by an olde thyme mechanical parlour game, mistakenly strolled through a sketchy part of town, and laughed at the antics of the seals on Pier 39.

As you can see - we enjoyed ourselves!  And we bought our first gift for the baby too - a stuffed octopus :)
In other baby news - it seems a wee bump has decided to make an appearance!  I've always had a bit extra to squish around my middle, but the squishy has become hard in the past week, and so a true bump has begun!   It seems as though my nausea is getting better too, so I might try and cut back on the diclectin now that we're back from San Francisco!

Onto the weekly update!

Week:  15

Weight Gain: Well it seems I have been feeling better as I'm now up by about 4 lbs!

Feeling: Definitely feeling better this week - might even try to wean off the diclectin!  I have a lot more energy now too. 

Maternity Clothes: Wore a lot of my maternity stuff while in San Francisco - and I bought a bunch more at Pea in the Pod too!  Spent too much money, but the clothes are so nice there, and I made sure to buy stuff that is more fall/winter oriented.

Cravings: No specific cravings, though I did have french toast for 3 out of the 4 mornings we were in San Francisco.

Milestones: I have a real BUMP!

Movement: Nothing yet, but this is the next milestone on the list that I am really excited about - hopefully it will happen soon. 

Weekly Wisdom:  Sometimes my overplanning can be a good thing.  And sometimes it can be too much.  Need to find the happy medium I suppose.

Random Name Ideas:   Amy:  Beckett, Bennett, and Sausalito (not really).  Patrick:  Nothing specific this week - he just keeps shooting down all of my suggestions!

San Francisco Mama!

July 24, 2011

14 weeks - hello 2nd trimester!

We're officially in the second trimester! I know...when the heck IS the second trimester?  Bit of a long winded answer here.....

Some go by development of the baby; thus the second trimester begins at 12 weeks when the embryo becomes a full fledged fetus.

Some go by gestation time (40 weeks) divided by 3, which means 13 weeks and 3 days is the beginning of the second trimester.

And some go by conception date meaning 38 weeks divided by 3 and then adding two weeks, which makes 14 weeks and 5 days the beginning of the second trimester.

Yeah, that's not confusing. most people's standards, we're officially in the second trimester - YAY!  Here's hoping for less nausea and acne and more energy!  Haven't really seen any sign of this yet, but it's still early.  Must be patient.

Weekly Update: 

Week:  14

Weight Gain:  Last time I checked I was still only a couple lbs up, but I haven't checked in a few days and I have a feeling it might be a wee bit more now!

Feeling: Feeling better in the mornings, but still getting a bit of the afternoon malaise.  Smells can still set me off too.  Still taking the Diclectin for now. 

Maternity Clothes: Loving my black leggings!  Wore them with a cute grey top and a black cardi to an afternoon party - so comfortable!

Cravings:  I've been feeling like burgers this week - going to make some for dinner tomorrow night!

Milestones: Things are pretty quiet on the milestone front this week.

Movement: Nope - but I'm not surprised.  I don't even have a noticeable bump, so how can I expect to FEEL movement right? 

Weekly Wisdom:  I'm not so wise this week it seems.  How about the trustworthy "go with the flow"?  haha

Random Name Ideas:   We didn't come up with any names this week, but others have made some suggestions: Ripley, Orson, and my favorite - Poutine!! ahahaha.   Even my 4 year old niece had a suggestion:  Emma :)

Second Trimester Mamma

July 8, 2011

13 weeks - peachy!

Huzzah for "everything looks normal" ultrasounds!   Obviously we were thrilled to hear the ultrasound tech say that everything looks as it should at this point.  Of course they can't tell too much as the baby is still so small, but the dates are spot on, the heart is beating, and the measurement of the nuchal fold is within the range of normal.

*big sigh of relief*

Of course, we won't know our genetic screening risk until I complete the second round of bloods in early August - but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  I'm just happy with our "so far so good" report!   And once again, it was pretty darn surreal to see the baby on screen.   Even more so when baby started moving around.  At one point the movement was making it difficult for the tech to take the measurements!   So young and already a trouble maker - just like his/her dad - hah.

It's been a pretty crazy week so far. We took our pup in for knee surgery last Friday, and picked him up on Saturday.   The first night was not pleasant as we couldn't get the dog to pee in the spot we made for him on the patio (we were trying to avoid having to take him outside as it required going up and down a bunch of stairs).  Finally at 4:30 in the morning, Patrick carried the dog down 3 flights of stairs so he could pee outside.  I'm not gonna lie, there was crying involved, and it certainly wasn't the dog or patrick.  I'm blameing it on pregnancy hormones - yeah that's it.  Patrick went out the next morning and bought some sod strips to put on our patio.  The dog finally decided to use them a few days ago - which makes life so much easier for all of us!

I told my supervisor about the pregnancy last friday as she was going on vacation, and I didn't want to wait another whole week before telling everyone else at work (wanted to tell my boss first).  She was really great about it, and super happy for us!  And I was finally able to let the cat out of the bag to everyone else on tuesday! It was so much fun telling people at work.  I asked if they wanted to see some pictures  (most assumed they were pics of Huxley since he'd just had surgery).  Needless to say they were quite surprised when I whipped out the ultrasound photos instead!  I loved watching their faces when they registered what the pictures were, and whose they were - haha.

I also emailed my gals from Toronto, and univesrity with the news.  I think we may have taken a few by surprise, as up until about a year ago, Patrick and I have been undecided about having children.   Regardless they were all very excited for us!   And now I can finally talk openly about the pregnancy, and not feel as though I might burst with the secret of it - yay!

On this weeks update:

Week:  13

Weight Gain:  A whole 2lbs.  So far so good!

Feeling: They say most woman start to feel better by the time they reach the 12 - 14 week range.  No such luck for me yet.  I tried cutting back a bit on the diclectin.  Not such a good idea.  Ah well - maybe next week.

Maternity Clothes: I wore my maternity capris for the first time this week because my summer stuff from last year is quite tight (don't think that's a pregnancy issue though - doh).  Can I just say that maternity clothes are so dang comfortable?!?  Stretchy waist band for the win!!

Cravings:  I finally had Roit from Banana Leaf - heavenly.  Now I want more.  That and cous cous salad has been very appetizing this week.  I bought all the ingredients to make a big greek cous cous salad - yum!

Milestones:  Two this week - the "so far so good" ultrasound, and letting the cat out of the bag to coworkers and friends.  SO MUCH FUN!

Movement: Nothing yet - but I can't wait to start feeling wee movements.

Weekly Wisdom:  Enjoy the small moments as much as the big moments!

Random Name Ideas: Patrick - I don't think he had any this week?  Amy - Cecilia

Happy Mamma!

July 1, 2011

12 weeks - the plum!

So the bump says at 12 weeks the wee one has reached the size of a plum!  Most places also say that pregnant woman usually start to feel less nauseaus and tired by this point.  So far, no luck in that department.   Even after switching up my diclectin regimen to 2 in the morning instead of 2 at night, I still tend to feel at my worst by 5pm or so.  Ah well, hopefully in the next couple weeks that will be a thing of the past!

Our big milestone this week will be the NT ultrasound on Monday at 12:45.   We've kept the pregnancy a secret from most people at this point.  I think that's just the genetic counsellor in me.  Even though we heard the heartbeat a couple weeks ago,  I'll feel much more comfortable sharing the news once I've seen the little bean on ultrasound, and once I know for certain that the NT measurement is normal, and all else looks good.

It's still hard to believe that there is a wee one in there growing away, especially because I can't feel my uterus, or notice any discernable bump yet (at least nothing different from the tummy I normally have anyways).  Although last night, Patrick said "hey, is that a baby bump I see?"   I figured it was just my regular tummy, but he thinks it looks a bit different than normal.  Could just be bloat too - haha.

So let's do the weekly update:

Week:  12

Weight Gain:  Compared to pre-pregnancy - 0 lbs, but I did lose a few lbs in the beginning so I have put on about 3-4 lbs since the loss of weight.

Feeling:  Still dealing with a bit of naseau - mostly due to weird/disgusting smells when I'm hungry.  And still have a weird sour taste in my that is hard to get rid of, though it's not there ALL the time now.  Not quite as exhausted as I was feeling a couple weeks ago, but still falling asleep on the couch before 10pm!

Maternity Clothes:  Still fitting into most of my regular fall/winter clothes, but I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of capris, a pair of leggings and a few tops at Thyme Maternity (woohoo sale), and all of my summer stuff from last year doesn't really fit anymore.  I'll probably start wearing them next week :)

Cravings:  No real cravings this week, though I am starting to want fresh fruit, which is nice since they definitely weren't appealing a few weeks ago.  Isuppose I have an ongoing craving for Roti from Banana Leaf, but since there is nothing else on their menu that I really like, I have yet to order JUST roti for dinner :)

Milestones:  We have our first ultrasound on Monday.  I'm super excited and of course, slightly nervous too.  Will definitely report back on the results as soon as we hear anything.

Movement: Nothing - but don't really expect to feel anything for a month or so at least.

Weekly Wisdom: When you feel yourself getting overly upset at something that, in reality, is not that big of an issue, count to 10 and realize that the hormones are likely to blame. 

Random Name Ideas: Patrick - Scott(male)  Amy - January(female)

Mamma Bear

June 24, 2011

Week 11


I had my monthly midwife appointment a few days ago, and they were able to pick up the heartbeat with the handheld doppler!  I was really hoping we'd get to hear it, even though I was forwarned that it may be too early to detect it yet.   It only took 30 seconds of searching and there it was!  I was beaming from ear to ear let me tell you.   Because even though I've been feeling so gross, it was still hard for me to believe that there was a growing bean in there.   Blame it on my genetic counselling background, or perhaps on our early loss, but I've had a really hard time getting excited about this baby up until now.  I guess I didn't want to get my hopes up to have them dashed to pieces again.

We aren't completely in the clear yet (but really, when are we ever I suppose) but hearing the heart beat certainly reduces the miscarriage risk, and relieves quite a bit of my worry too!  And in a couple of weeks, we get to SEE him/her for the first time.  I opted for having all the genetic screening, including the NT ultrasound at 12 weeks.  If everything checks out there, we'll FINALLY be able to let the cat outta the bag!

And on to this weeks regular update:

Week: 11 (10w0d to 10w6d)

Weight Gain:  I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight again (thank you diclectin). But nothing extra beyond that.

Feeling: Pretty much the same as last week. A bit of nausea here and there, but the diclectin really takes the edge off.   Feeling very out of shape when I walk anywhere.  Hoping it's because the baby is sucking up all my oxygen, but probably due to lack of any excercise what so ever.  Bad Mamma!  It's hard to think about exercising when you can barely peel your arse off the couch though.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing needed yet, though some days the bloat is worse than others.  No bump to report, which is pretty par for the course at this stage.  Usually the uterus is still tucked all safe behind the pelvic bones until sometime after 12 weeks or so.

Cravings:  Again, nothing out of the ordinary.  It seems that carbs go down well, but really, when do carbs NOT go down well?

Milestones:  Can I get a HEART BEAT - what what!!  Heard the heart beat for the first time - so amazing.

Movement: Nothing changed here.

Weekly Wisdom: Telling close friends before the usual 12 weeks mark can be really helpful.  And besides, if they're close friends, won't you need their support if something bad happens anyways?

Random Name Ideas: Patrick - Logan, Maxim     Amy - Gabriella, Finn, Quentin

June 17, 2011

Week 10

Hallelujah!! Turns out Diclectin is a miracle drug - at least for me anyways.  The nausea isn't gone completely, but folks - I HAVE AN APPETITE!  I will never take having an appetite for granted again.  Late afternoon into early evening is still my "witching hour" for nausea, but I'll take that over all day nausea and food aversion!

In other news, our beloved Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this week.  I was disappointed, but not half as disappointed as I was with the useless twats that decided to start RIOTING after the loss.  We were watching the game at my brother in laws place, and after it was over, a friend standing on the balcony said "I think I see smoke coming from downtown!?!"  I actually scoffed.  I figured it was just a coincidence or something.   Turns out, I was wrong.  By the time we walked the 3 blocks home and turned on the TV, it was all over the news.   It made my blood boil to watch a relatively small group of "fans" wreak havoc on our beautiful city, and tarnish the reputation of true canucks fans the world over.   I'll leave it at that, though I could go on.

We've told a couple sets of good friends now too.  It's hard to keep such a secret from people you hang out with so often. Especially when it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and you aren't inviting everyone over to watch the games like you normally would.   I can barely muster up the effort to join Patrick when he takes the dog for his nightly stroll, let alone have company over.  So now they know, and our friends don't think I've become a hermit or a pariah anymore - haha.

And since things are supposed to get more interesting as time goes on, I've decided to do a weekly update.  I figure it will be fun to look back at this later, as I certainly won't remember any of it by the time the wee one arrives.

Week: 10 (from 9w0days to 9w6days)

Weight Gain:  I've actually lost a few pounds due to the nausea and food aversion.  I'm sure that will change soon enough.

Feeling: Huzzah for Diclectin!  Enjoying eating food again, though I tend to have a sour taste in my mouth after eating most things.  Still pretty exhausted too.

Maternity Clothes:My regular clothes are fitting just fine still. I inherited some maternity clothes from a friend which is great!

Cravings: No true cravings yet.  Just happy to be wanting ANY food at all.

Milestones: Um, I have an appetite?  haha

Movement: I'm adding this one in, but I know it will be some time before I actually feel anything.  So for now - nada!

Weekly Wisdom: Diclectin is your friend.  Eating is more important than irrational concerns about a very safe medication.

Random Name Ideas: We haven't talked names too much yet, but we like to throw odd/weird/ridiculous names out there for fun.  This started even before we were pregnant, and we've actually grown fond of one name in particular:  OCTAVIUS.   Don't worry, we aren't really going to use it.  Not really.

Diclectin Loving Mamma

June 10, 2011

Weeks 7 through 9

Week 7

My aunt and uncle came for a visit this week.  I haven't seen either of them in quite some time, so it was really nice to catch up and of course show off Vancouver a bit.  Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be one of the lucky ladies that gets by without morning sickness.  It started to hit me while my aunt and uncle were here.  I was able to go out and about with them, and I think I managed to hide it well enough, but it's so hard when you aren't ready to share your secret, and you can't explain why you look (and act) like something the cat dragged in!

It also seems my body responds to pregnancy hormones by producing a ridiculous amount of oil.  I've had more zits in one week than during my entire 16th year of life.  Lovely.  Oh and it is also affecting my hair; my  locks went from requiring a shampoo once every couple of days to....twice a day?!?  So I stepped up my face washing routine, and bought a tea tree oil blemish stick from Body Shop, but I have NO idea how to deal with the hot mess that is my hair.  How do people with oily type hair DEAL?  A few google searches later and I discovered something called a "clarifying shampoo".   Helps to strip your hair of all the product gunk, and is often used by people with naturally oily hair.   Hopefully it will be the answer to my problem too!

Week 8
In one word: blech.   Why do they call it "morning" sickness?  It's such a misnomer.  I like to call mine "mid day malaise" as it often strikes me in the afternoon.  And I'm not even throwing up!  I have no idea how those woman do it.  In other news, the clarifying shampoo seems to be working.   I wish the zits were as easy to clear up.   Yep, it's been a rough week.   I suppose the one highlight of the week was telling both sets of parents.  Of course they are overjoyed for us!  Yay.

Week 9
I called my mom to tell her just how much more I appreciate what she went through while pregnant with me.  She was way more sick - and it lasted for over 7 months!!!  Seriously, that woman is my HERO.   I finally caved and called the midwife to ask about possible solutions for the nausea.  She suggested I try a B6 supplement (B6 is in the drug diclectin along with a medication called unisom) on it's own.  I gave it a whirl for almost a week, and it wasn't really helping.

One of my main problems is a strong aversion to anything food related.  Which makes keeping something in my stomach very difficult when NOTHING sounds good to eat.   And of course, an empty stomach equals worse nausea.  And the smells...oh GOD the smells.  There's nothing quite like gagging multiple times during my 3 minute walk to work.   In all honesty it really is starting to get depressing, and so for my sanity, I called the midwife to ask for a prescription to diclectin.  Please god let it work  (and yes I know I'm not religious, but right about now I'll say and do pretty much anything to have an appetite again).

Nauseous Mamma

May 20, 2011

Weeks 4 through 6.


Well, we did it!  I suppose figuratively and literally - HAH.  What too much for the first post?  Come on, it's a pregnancy blog (hopefully turned baby blog someday) what else can you expect right?

So yeah, we're pregnant!  I must say both of us are finding it a bit surreal, especially after experiencing a very early loss at 5 weeks in the cycle just previous to this one.  The doctor gave us the go ahead to start trying again right away, but I don't think either of us thought we'd be so lucky as to get pregnant again so quickly.  Turns out - we're experts at the getting pregnant part, now let's hope we're good at staying pregnant this time.

So far I feel pretty good.  No sickness, no tiredness, no spotting no real breast tenderness even.  Just some minor cramping and that's about it.  Which makes the positive pregnancy test all the more unbelievable.  Keeping our fingers crossed, but not getting too excited yet.


Well, we're still here! And I'm still feeling pretty good.  Only minor cramping...and that's about it.  Nothing new to report.  I decided this time that I would NOT take repeat pregnancy tests to see if the test line gets darker (or as it happened with my early loss - lighter).   That lighter pregnancy test was the harbinger of bad news in the last pregnancy, but I didn't actually miscarry until a few days later.  And being in limbo, not knowing if the pregnancy was going to last or not for those few days - really sucked.

But I broke my rule and tested on the morning of my GP appointment (thank god the test was much darker)!  I just couldn't bear the thought of the GP saying "I'm sorry, our pregnancy test doesn't confirm the positive result".   Obviously, it was positive at the GP's office too.  He gave me some blood reqs, and I told him I was planning on going with a Midwife. Still trying not to get too excited, but feeling good that the tests are at least still positive!


What a great week!  My best gal pal from Toronto was here to visit with her little man (cutest kid ever!), so of course I had to tell her.  And of course she was over the moon for me, even though it meant that I couldn't partake in test tasting all the yummy beers that the local breweries have to offer, but she didn't mind drinking one or two for the team :)

I purchased some great baby books with her help, and we spent the extra long weekend touring around Vancouver, seeing it through the eyes of a 4 year old, which was all kinds of awesome.  And at her suggestion, I made a call to Open Door Midwifery right after she left (there can be wait lists to get a midwife), and low and behold, they had an opening for me that very week.  So I've already had my first prenatal appt! 

We chatted about how their midwifery practice works, and she asked me some basic questions about the pregnancy.  She added a few items to the blood req that my GP gave me, answered a couple questions I had, and that was about it.  Nice and chill - just what I'm looking for!  I made my next appt for a month from now, and booked my NT ultrasound (at 12 weeks), as they often book up quickly.  I have a midwife :)

Until next time,
Baby Mamma!