August 13, 2011

Week 17

It's been a quiet week of sorts. Gave a blood sample on Monday to finish up the integrated prenatal screening process (genetic screening for certain chromosomal abnormalities and a few other complications of pregnancy).  The results are usually ready in 7-10 days, so by the end of next week we should know if the pregnancy is above or below the screening cut off of 1 in 200.  If our risk is below 1 in 200 we breathe a sigh of relief and move on; if the risk is above 1 in 200 then we're eligible for further diagnostic testing aka the amnio.   We'd obviously prefer the former.  Not too much longer now - keep your fingers crossed! 

In more exciting news, I think I may have felt the baby move this week.  It was only a couple of times, so I'm not really certain, but if felt like a little nudge from the inside, fairly low in the belly, right where my uterus should be.  And yet, when I actually focus on it, I can never feel anything.  Maybe it was just gas - haha.  It's still fairly early, so I'm not worried, just impatient.

And I think the nesting instinct might be setting in too.  While putting away the flour the other day, I just HAD to stop and immeadiately clean up all the shelves in the pantry.   Like I literally could NOT go on with my day unless those pantry shelves were neat and orderly!  haha.  Wacky.  I could see this nesting thing coming in handy - so long as it doesn't get out of control that is.  I've heard stories about woman that get a bit obsessive about needing things C-L-E-A-N clean.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah,  I can see all my old housemates laughing now.  For some odd reason, I don't think I have to worry about that.

And now for the weekly update!

Week:  17

Weight Gain: Hasn't changed from last week - still at a respectable 4 lbs. 

Feeling: Still feeling a bit icky if I haven't eaten in a bit, but I definitely have more energy again, and am finding myself contemplating all sorts of home improvement projects. 

Maternity Clothes: I finally splurged and bought a new bra at Change.  I asked the lady for my regular pre pregnancy size and she took one look at me and said, "ummm, I don't think so".  HAH!  Turns out I have moved up a whole cup size.  And we aren't even half way through.  Oh dear.

Cravings: I still haven't experienced true "I MUST HAVE THAT NOW SO PLEASE DRIVE TO THE 24 HOUR GROCERY STORE AND GET IT FOR ME HONEY" cravings.  But I have bought lunch from the same sandwich joint all week long. It seems baby really wants soup and salad this week.

Milestones: Movement (I think)!

Movement: A few nudges that seemed too low for gas.  But not really any of the classis "bubble" or "popcorn" or "fluttery" feelings. 

Weekly Wisdom:  There's no use worrying over things you can not control (hey I didn't say I actually FOLLOW my own words of wisdom).

Random Name Ideas:   Patrick:  Troy, Amy: for once I didn't have any!

And new this week - BABY BUMP PICS!  Look at that facial expression - oh yeah, I'm glowing alright. 

Is it gas or is it baby Mama!

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