June 10, 2011

Weeks 7 through 9

Week 7

My aunt and uncle came for a visit this week.  I haven't seen either of them in quite some time, so it was really nice to catch up and of course show off Vancouver a bit.  Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be one of the lucky ladies that gets by without morning sickness.  It started to hit me while my aunt and uncle were here.  I was able to go out and about with them, and I think I managed to hide it well enough, but it's so hard when you aren't ready to share your secret, and you can't explain why you look (and act) like something the cat dragged in!

It also seems my body responds to pregnancy hormones by producing a ridiculous amount of oil.  I've had more zits in one week than during my entire 16th year of life.  Lovely.  Oh and it is also affecting my hair; my  locks went from requiring a shampoo once every couple of days to....twice a day?!?  So I stepped up my face washing routine, and bought a tea tree oil blemish stick from Body Shop, but I have NO idea how to deal with the hot mess that is my hair.  How do people with oily type hair DEAL?  A few google searches later and I discovered something called a "clarifying shampoo".   Helps to strip your hair of all the product gunk, and is often used by people with naturally oily hair.   Hopefully it will be the answer to my problem too!

Week 8
In one word: blech.   Why do they call it "morning" sickness?  It's such a misnomer.  I like to call mine "mid day malaise" as it often strikes me in the afternoon.  And I'm not even throwing up!  I have no idea how those woman do it.  In other news, the clarifying shampoo seems to be working.   I wish the zits were as easy to clear up.   Yep, it's been a rough week.   I suppose the one highlight of the week was telling both sets of parents.  Of course they are overjoyed for us!  Yay.

Week 9
I called my mom to tell her just how much more I appreciate what she went through while pregnant with me.  She was way more sick - and it lasted for over 7 months!!!  Seriously, that woman is my HERO.   I finally caved and called the midwife to ask about possible solutions for the nausea.  She suggested I try a B6 supplement (B6 is in the drug diclectin along with a medication called unisom) on it's own.  I gave it a whirl for almost a week, and it wasn't really helping.

One of my main problems is a strong aversion to anything food related.  Which makes keeping something in my stomach very difficult when NOTHING sounds good to eat.   And of course, an empty stomach equals worse nausea.  And the smells...oh GOD the smells.  There's nothing quite like gagging multiple times during my 3 minute walk to work.   In all honesty it really is starting to get depressing, and so for my sanity, I called the midwife to ask for a prescription to diclectin.  Please god let it work  (and yes I know I'm not religious, but right about now I'll say and do pretty much anything to have an appetite again).

Nauseous Mamma

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