July 1, 2011

12 weeks - the plum!

So the bump says at 12 weeks the wee one has reached the size of a plum!  Most places also say that pregnant woman usually start to feel less nauseaus and tired by this point.  So far, no luck in that department.   Even after switching up my diclectin regimen to 2 in the morning instead of 2 at night, I still tend to feel at my worst by 5pm or so.  Ah well, hopefully in the next couple weeks that will be a thing of the past!

Our big milestone this week will be the NT ultrasound on Monday at 12:45.   We've kept the pregnancy a secret from most people at this point.  I think that's just the genetic counsellor in me.  Even though we heard the heartbeat a couple weeks ago,  I'll feel much more comfortable sharing the news once I've seen the little bean on ultrasound, and once I know for certain that the NT measurement is normal, and all else looks good.

It's still hard to believe that there is a wee one in there growing away, especially because I can't feel my uterus, or notice any discernable bump yet (at least nothing different from the tummy I normally have anyways).  Although last night, Patrick said "hey, is that a baby bump I see?"   I figured it was just my regular tummy, but he thinks it looks a bit different than normal.  Could just be bloat too - haha.

So let's do the weekly update:

Week:  12

Weight Gain:  Compared to pre-pregnancy - 0 lbs, but I did lose a few lbs in the beginning so I have put on about 3-4 lbs since the loss of weight.

Feeling:  Still dealing with a bit of naseau - mostly due to weird/disgusting smells when I'm hungry.  And still have a weird sour taste in my that is hard to get rid of, though it's not there ALL the time now.  Not quite as exhausted as I was feeling a couple weeks ago, but still falling asleep on the couch before 10pm!

Maternity Clothes:  Still fitting into most of my regular fall/winter clothes, but I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of capris, a pair of leggings and a few tops at Thyme Maternity (woohoo sale), and all of my summer stuff from last year doesn't really fit anymore.  I'll probably start wearing them next week :)

Cravings:  No real cravings this week, though I am starting to want fresh fruit, which is nice since they definitely weren't appealing a few weeks ago.  Isuppose I have an ongoing craving for Roti from Banana Leaf, but since there is nothing else on their menu that I really like, I have yet to order JUST roti for dinner :)

Milestones:  We have our first ultrasound on Monday.  I'm super excited and of course, slightly nervous too.  Will definitely report back on the results as soon as we hear anything.

Movement: Nothing - but don't really expect to feel anything for a month or so at least.

Weekly Wisdom: When you feel yourself getting overly upset at something that, in reality, is not that big of an issue, count to 10 and realize that the hormones are likely to blame. 

Random Name Ideas: Patrick - Scott(male)  Amy - January(female)

Mamma Bear

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