August 7, 2011

Week 16 - mmmm avocados!

Baby's size has reached one of my favorite fruits - Avocado - YUM!  Don't worry baby, I won't eat you....I promise!

Not a whole lot going on this week.  I had my monthly appointment with the midwife, which means hearing the heartbeat - so much fun!  She found it right away, and it was chug a lugging along just as expected.  My blood pressure was great, and all of the blood work that was done in Week 12 came back normal.  She said the ultrasound was normal as well, although they did mention seeing a small posterior fibroid.  Nothing to be concerned about (and I'm not) but they made note of it and will check it again at the 20 week ultrasound to see if it has changed.   Shouldn't pose a problem regardless.

I tried weaning myself off the diclectin (again) - not such a great idea (again).  Ah well, it was worth a try I guess.  Luckily my benefits WILL cover the cost of the prescription, so it's not going to cost us an arm and a leg should I need to get it refilled.  I'm holding out hope that it will get better before I need to the refill.  I'm not worried about taking it, but it would be nice to feel better all on my own.

I finally found a dress for Marc and Francesca's wedding!  It was a bit tricky as the empire waist dress has gone out of style, so most regular dresses won't do, and the maternity stores I've checked haven't had much to offer either.   Interestingly - I ended up with a dress style that I was pretty sure I did NOT want - a maxi (long) dress made of jersey.   I was worried that the maxi would make me look like a tent, and the jersey would be too casual, but the dress I ended up with is a nice shade of green (somewhere between army and forest) with gold beading around the neckline so it's a bit fancier (will be dolled up even more with some nice gold accessories) and it fits quite well according to my husband - heh.   Plus jersey is easy to pack too - bonus!

And on to the weekly update:

Week:  16

Weight Gain: I think I'm still hovering around the 4 lb mark, though I haven't checked in the past couple of days!

Feeling: Unfortunately not feeling good enough to be free of the diclectin - boo. 

Maternity Clothes: Bought a cute top at Winners that I wore to a couple of parties this weekend.  It shows off the new bump quite prominently and as a result, I had my first comment from a stranger - asking me when I'm due!

Cravings: This week it's been fudgsicles!!  Mmmmmm now I want one.

Milestones: See mention of stranger asking me when I'm due!

Movement: I keep trying to focus on feeling movement - but haven't felt anything definitive yet.  It's still early.  But I keep hoping!

Weekly Wisdom:  A watched baby never moves - hah.

Random Name Ideas:   More name suggestions from the peanut gallery: Farcas, Hercules, and Apollo (you'd think we were having a puppy, not a baby - haha)

Avocado Mama!

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