July 8, 2011

13 weeks - peachy!

Huzzah for "everything looks normal" ultrasounds!   Obviously we were thrilled to hear the ultrasound tech say that everything looks as it should at this point.  Of course they can't tell too much as the baby is still so small, but the dates are spot on, the heart is beating, and the measurement of the nuchal fold is within the range of normal.

*big sigh of relief*

Of course, we won't know our genetic screening risk until I complete the second round of bloods in early August - but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  I'm just happy with our "so far so good" report!   And once again, it was pretty darn surreal to see the baby on screen.   Even more so when baby started moving around.  At one point the movement was making it difficult for the tech to take the measurements!   So young and already a trouble maker - just like his/her dad - hah.

It's been a pretty crazy week so far. We took our pup in for knee surgery last Friday, and picked him up on Saturday.   The first night was not pleasant as we couldn't get the dog to pee in the spot we made for him on the patio (we were trying to avoid having to take him outside as it required going up and down a bunch of stairs).  Finally at 4:30 in the morning, Patrick carried the dog down 3 flights of stairs so he could pee outside.  I'm not gonna lie, there was crying involved, and it certainly wasn't the dog or patrick.  I'm blameing it on pregnancy hormones - yeah that's it.  Patrick went out the next morning and bought some sod strips to put on our patio.  The dog finally decided to use them a few days ago - which makes life so much easier for all of us!

I told my supervisor about the pregnancy last friday as she was going on vacation, and I didn't want to wait another whole week before telling everyone else at work (wanted to tell my boss first).  She was really great about it, and super happy for us!  And I was finally able to let the cat out of the bag to everyone else on tuesday! It was so much fun telling people at work.  I asked if they wanted to see some pictures  (most assumed they were pics of Huxley since he'd just had surgery).  Needless to say they were quite surprised when I whipped out the ultrasound photos instead!  I loved watching their faces when they registered what the pictures were, and whose they were - haha.

I also emailed my gals from Toronto, and univesrity with the news.  I think we may have taken a few by surprise, as up until about a year ago, Patrick and I have been undecided about having children.   Regardless they were all very excited for us!   And now I can finally talk openly about the pregnancy, and not feel as though I might burst with the secret of it - yay!

On this weeks update:

Week:  13

Weight Gain:  A whole 2lbs.  So far so good!

Feeling: They say most woman start to feel better by the time they reach the 12 - 14 week range.  No such luck for me yet.  I tried cutting back a bit on the diclectin.  Not such a good idea.  Ah well - maybe next week.

Maternity Clothes: I wore my maternity capris for the first time this week because my summer stuff from last year is quite tight (don't think that's a pregnancy issue though - doh).  Can I just say that maternity clothes are so dang comfortable?!?  Stretchy waist band for the win!!

Cravings:  I finally had Roit from Banana Leaf - heavenly.  Now I want more.  That and cous cous salad has been very appetizing this week.  I bought all the ingredients to make a big greek cous cous salad - yum!

Milestones:  Two this week - the "so far so good" ultrasound, and letting the cat out of the bag to coworkers and friends.  SO MUCH FUN!

Movement: Nothing yet - but I can't wait to start feeling wee movements.

Weekly Wisdom:  Enjoy the small moments as much as the big moments!

Random Name Ideas: Patrick - I don't think he had any this week?  Amy - Cecilia

Happy Mamma!

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