July 24, 2011

14 weeks - hello 2nd trimester!

We're officially in the second trimester! I know...when the heck IS the second trimester?  Bit of a long winded answer here.....

Some go by development of the baby; thus the second trimester begins at 12 weeks when the embryo becomes a full fledged fetus.

Some go by gestation time (40 weeks) divided by 3, which means 13 weeks and 3 days is the beginning of the second trimester.

And some go by conception date meaning 38 weeks divided by 3 and then adding two weeks, which makes 14 weeks and 5 days the beginning of the second trimester.

Yeah, that's not confusing.  ANYWAYS....by most people's standards, we're officially in the second trimester - YAY!  Here's hoping for less nausea and acne and more energy!  Haven't really seen any sign of this yet, but it's still early.  Must be patient.

Weekly Update: 

Week:  14

Weight Gain:  Last time I checked I was still only a couple lbs up, but I haven't checked in a few days and I have a feeling it might be a wee bit more now!

Feeling: Feeling better in the mornings, but still getting a bit of the afternoon malaise.  Smells can still set me off too.  Still taking the Diclectin for now. 

Maternity Clothes: Loving my black leggings!  Wore them with a cute grey top and a black cardi to an afternoon party - so comfortable!

Cravings:  I've been feeling like burgers this week - going to make some for dinner tomorrow night!

Milestones: Things are pretty quiet on the milestone front this week.

Movement: Nope - but I'm not surprised.  I don't even have a noticeable bump, so how can I expect to FEEL movement right? 

Weekly Wisdom:  I'm not so wise this week it seems.  How about the trustworthy "go with the flow"?  haha

Random Name Ideas:   We didn't come up with any names this week, but others have made some suggestions: Ripley, Orson, and my favorite - Poutine!! ahahaha.   Even my 4 year old niece had a suggestion:  Emma :)

Second Trimester Mamma

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