August 21, 2011

Week 18 - Negative is a GOOD thing!

Well this week was definitely one of relief.  After hearing about our negative genetic screen results from the midwife, I am feeling more relaxed about this pregnancy!  Although I'd feel even MORE relaxed if this baby would make his/her movements a bit more noticeable already - haha.   I keep thinking I feel "something" but then I don't feel it again, so I figure it's probably gas or stomach rumbles or whatever.  And I've had a few instances where it feels almost as if I'm going over a hill on a rollercoaster - but I haven't really heard it described like that before.  And of course, since I'm paying so much more attention now, I'm noticing every rumble, bubble, nudge and noise!

In the meantime, I've started researching various baby accessories in earnest (yay planner amy is BACK - haha). And can I just say there are a million options for each baby item?!?  But I've always liked a good research challenge :)  So far I've been looking at strollers, pack 'n plays (aka playpens) and cloth diapers.  All of the options for just those items alone should be enough to keep me busy for weeks!   Babies can be pretty darn expensive with all these "must have" accessories, but we're very lucky - we've had so many people offer to help us out, that many of our bases covered already! But don't worry, I'm sure there will be more posts in the future about baby gear as I deliberate over this option versus that.

And now - the weekly check in...

Week:  18

Weight Gain: Up a lb this week to make a total of 5 lbs gained so far. 

Feeling: Slowly getting better.  I'm down to just one diclectin a day.  Tried again to cut it out completely, but the afternoons are still my witching hour.  I find if I take one diclectin at 10am - I'm good for the rest of the day. 

Maternity Clothes: Didn't buy anything new this week (imagine that) but I've been really enjoying wearing all my new clothes.  So very comfortable!

Cravings: Still nothing crazy - I keep waiting for some crazy urge to strike.  I'm sure it will take me by surprise when/if it does.

Milestones: Negative genetic screening results -woooohooo!

Movement: Still nothing definitive - lots of "odd" feelings going on - whether that's because the baby is moving, or because I'm paying closer attention is left to be seen. 

Weekly Wisdom: Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep, or you'll be paying for it the next day!

Random Name Ideas: We've been oddly quiet on the name front this week. I think we're just waiting to find out the sex of the baby - then we can go hog wild coming up with names.  Oh wait - I forgot - Patrick offered up Magenta (for a girl). 

No bump pic this week - but things haven't changed much from last week ;)

Negative (in a good way) Mama!

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