October 17, 2011

Week 26 - Bonjour!

I'm back from a week in Montreal, and let me tell you, I am so DONE with flying!!  At least for the rest of this pregnancy anyways.  My tailbone is NOT a happy camper. Granted, it never was after a flight (even before I was pregnant), but it's being particularly tempermental after four flights over the course of three weeks in my current condition.   I've made an appointment for a prenatal massage, so I'm hoping that will help to alleviate some of my aches and pains!

The conference I attended (International Conference of Human Genetics) was quite interesting, and my poster actually recieved some attention which was nice!  As the first author of the poster, I'm required to stand around for an hour and answer any questions people have.  I always worry that no one will visit my poster, and I'll be standing there twiddling my thumbs for the entire hour.  Turns out, there was no reason for concern as there were quite a few people with questions and comments!

I was welcomed back to Vancouver by some beautiful fall weather.  We took the pup for a walk through the endowment lands on Sunday, and it was so nice to be back there wandering around.  Although this growing girl in my belly makes it difficult to wander around for any length of time without requiring a bathroom!

And on Sunday afternoon, friends of ours dropped off a whole bunch of baby stuff; it felt like Christmas!  They brought a vibrating chair, a co-sleeper, a couple of baby carriers, a bunch of receiving blankets, wet diaper bags, and 3 tubs of clothes!! I had a peek through the clothes, and there were so many adorable outfits in perfect condition.  I can't wait to dress this little girl up!

Let's see what else is going on?  Oh right, we've booked a 3D ultrasound for next week when my parents are visiting.  I can't wait to show of this little girl to her grandparents.  Patrick and I are pretty excited about getting to see her in more detail too.   And we've booked a maternity photo shoot with our wedding photographers!  We're going for a "lifestyle" shoot more so than a bare belly shoot, and I couldn't be more excited.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to share our favorites here!

Weekly Update:

Week: 26

Weight Gain: I'm now up by 16 lbs.  I'm actually pretty happy with that number.  Hopefully the weight gain will be sure and steady from now on (just a bit less than a pound a week they say).

Feeling:  Looks like my most recent aches and pains are due to something called pubic symphysis diastasis. Basically,  it's due to the release of relaxin causing a widening of the gap in the pubic bone.  It's generally a good thing as this allows for more room during the birth process, but it can cause pain in both the pubic bone area, and radiating out to the lower back too.  I'll talk to the midwife about it during my next appointment, though I don't believe there's much that can be done for it other than resting!

Maternity Clothes:  I finally found some new boots!!  They aren't maternity boots or anything, but they look good under my boot cut jeans OR over my maternity leggings - so I'm really happy.  I've been trying to find new boots for over two years (hate all the round toe stuff out there).  I guess I'll have to get some more leggings and perhaps some skinny jeans since I have a pair of boots I can wear with them all winter long.

Cravings: Just this week, for a fleeting moment, I really wanted jello.  It didn't last long, and I think it's because I caught a fruity smell that reminded me of jello when it's first disolving in hot water.  Don't know if that counts - but I can tell you that jello is NOT something I usually wish for - haha.  

Milestones: No major milestones to report this week.  I'll be going for my glucose tolerance test this week, so hopefully I'll be able to report a pass on that next week.

Movement:  She's been a bit more quiet this week.  Perhaps all this travelling has messed with her internal schedule - heh.

Weekly Wisdom:  Take time to really enjoy being a couple before baby arrives.

Random Name Ideas:  So we have a name that we both really like, but we're going to hold off sharing it for now.  It's not set in stone, and we're still open to new ideas - but I think that's why we've slowed down a bit on the name front.  Perhaps my parents will have some ideas for us next week!

And bump photo for this week:

Montreal Mama!

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