October 11, 2011

Week 25 - Thankful

Things continue to move right along!  The weeks just dragged by in the first trimester and now they are flying by.  Baby girl is growing away (as is my belly) and she seems to be doing quite well.   Had another midwife appointment this week and my fundal height (size of my belly) was bang on for how far along I am in the pregnancy.  Her heartbeat was chugging along (still love hearing it every time) and she's moving around a lot more in there now.   The only issue was that the urine dipstick test (lovely I know) came back positive for sugar (not for protein which is the more worriesome of the two).   It's (very) possible that I ate lots of some sugar laden items the day before my appointment, so I'm not too worried yet.  The midwife recommended I go for the fasting glucose tolerance test (which I would have done anyways) so I'll do that next week at some point.  They just want to be sure that I am not developing gestational diabetes.

And before you say anything Dad, one does not get gestational diabetes from eating too many sugary treats!!  heh.  But the midwife did suggest that I try limit my intake of sugars regardless, as too much sugar makes big babies.  She also said it can make babies that are dependant on sugar when they first arrive on the scene (haven't heard much about this before - but word on the street is they can be kinda cranky if they are sugar dependant ruh-roh)!   However, she also said not to deprive myself completely, so the apple crumble pie I made for thanksgiving did not go to waste :)

Speaking of thanksgiving, I ended up making a whole turkey for just the two of us! No, this was not the original plan. So the story goes like this.  I wanted to make a turkey loaf that a friend from work told me about (two small turkey breasts layered in a loaf pan with stuffing and cranberry sauce between them, all wrapped up with prosciutto - yum) so we went to granville island market as I knew my chances of finding just turkey breasts at the supermarket were rather slim.

There is a specific store in the market that deals mainly in turkey meat items (some chicken too), so I figured that was the best bet.   The market was packed (it was a beautiful sunny thanksgiving weekend saturday - what the heck was I thinking!!), but luckily the store was in the midst of cutting up more turkey breasts - score!   So I explained what I wanted and she said she could portion out two small turkey breast halves for a total of 5lbs of turkey - double score!   She told me the price, which I heard as 16 something - also very reasonable.

I give her my debit card, and she rings it up on the machine.  As I am wont to do, I hit the ok button barely a glance at the price...but luckily catch a glimpse of the numbers six four zero zero before the machine changes to the next screen.  Hmmm...that can't be right.  Hit correction button. Yep, it says $64.00.  She must have punched it in wrong.   "Um excuse me miss, I think you put the wrong amount in - the price here says 64.00"   And here's the kicker - the price WAS NOT WRONG!!!  They wanted 64.00 for 5lbs of turkey breast meat.  I sputtered, turned red, and mumbled my apologies and walked away without those seemingly gold infused turkey breasts!

Off to save-on we went...hoping beyond hope that they might have turkey breasts.  Of course they didn't.  But they did have a small 9lb turkey for 20.00.  SOLD.   Turkey sandwiches for everyone - haha.  It actually turned out quite good if I do say so myself.  And I still used prosciutto in the making, so all was right in the world again.

Seriously though - SIXTY FOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE!!!  Oh, I'm sure they are very happy, organic, free run, grain fed turkeys (er..were), but you know what....I am not a millionaire.  I can not justify spending that much money on a single meal that I must cook myself.  And no, my conscious does not keep me up at night (it would if I spent that much moola on 5lbs of turkey breast though - hah).

Other than that - not much else to report.  I'm heading to Montreal for the International Congress of Human Genetics conference meeting this week.  Yep, makes me sound smart doesn't it?  Don't be fooled.  So back on a plane yet again,  My tailbone is going to be SO angry with me.  Ah well, all for the name of science right?

Week: 25

Weight Gain: I finally had a chance to weigh myself in the morning (the usual time I weigh myself) and the scale said 14lbs.  So either I lost a pound (unlikely) or the extra pound was due to weighing myself in the evening (more likely).  Regardless - the midwife said this is a good range to be in, so not too worried.

Feeling: The middle/upper back pain is becoming rather bothersome.  It gets to a point at the end of the day, where I just can't get comfortable no matter which way I sit.  You can bet I'll be booking an appointment for prenatal massage as soon as I get back from Montreal!

Maternity Clothes: I'm thinking I'll be wanting a few more sweaters yet - hello rainy winter vancouver! I'm also going to have to start thinking about a winter jacket of sorts.  And something for walking the dog in the rain.  Perhaps just a cheap poncho for the latter issue, but I'd like to find a convertable winter coat (maternity to non-maternity) that I can use even after the baby arrives.  Saw a couple in Motherhood - might have to give them a whirl.

Cravings: You know, I still haven't had a TRUE pregnancy craving.  And by that I mean, no MUST HAVE IT RIGHT NOW cravings.  I was kinda looking forward to that, in a weird science experimenty way - haha.  Oh well, it could still happen I suppose. 

Milestones: Nothing major this week - she's just dancing along in there.

Movement:  I like to think of her movements as dancing, and gymnastics with a bit of karate thrown in!

Weekly Wisdom:  Take time to really enjoy being a couple before baby arrives.

Random Name Ideas: No ideas this week!  We really need to get on the name train - heh.  Any suggestions?

No picture at the moment - but I'll try to take one tomorrow morning after I get ready.

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