May 20, 2011

Weeks 4 through 6.


Well, we did it!  I suppose figuratively and literally - HAH.  What too much for the first post?  Come on, it's a pregnancy blog (hopefully turned baby blog someday) what else can you expect right?

So yeah, we're pregnant!  I must say both of us are finding it a bit surreal, especially after experiencing a very early loss at 5 weeks in the cycle just previous to this one.  The doctor gave us the go ahead to start trying again right away, but I don't think either of us thought we'd be so lucky as to get pregnant again so quickly.  Turns out - we're experts at the getting pregnant part, now let's hope we're good at staying pregnant this time.

So far I feel pretty good.  No sickness, no tiredness, no spotting no real breast tenderness even.  Just some minor cramping and that's about it.  Which makes the positive pregnancy test all the more unbelievable.  Keeping our fingers crossed, but not getting too excited yet.


Well, we're still here! And I'm still feeling pretty good.  Only minor cramping...and that's about it.  Nothing new to report.  I decided this time that I would NOT take repeat pregnancy tests to see if the test line gets darker (or as it happened with my early loss - lighter).   That lighter pregnancy test was the harbinger of bad news in the last pregnancy, but I didn't actually miscarry until a few days later.  And being in limbo, not knowing if the pregnancy was going to last or not for those few days - really sucked.

But I broke my rule and tested on the morning of my GP appointment (thank god the test was much darker)!  I just couldn't bear the thought of the GP saying "I'm sorry, our pregnancy test doesn't confirm the positive result".   Obviously, it was positive at the GP's office too.  He gave me some blood reqs, and I told him I was planning on going with a Midwife. Still trying not to get too excited, but feeling good that the tests are at least still positive!


What a great week!  My best gal pal from Toronto was here to visit with her little man (cutest kid ever!), so of course I had to tell her.  And of course she was over the moon for me, even though it meant that I couldn't partake in test tasting all the yummy beers that the local breweries have to offer, but she didn't mind drinking one or two for the team :)

I purchased some great baby books with her help, and we spent the extra long weekend touring around Vancouver, seeing it through the eyes of a 4 year old, which was all kinds of awesome.  And at her suggestion, I made a call to Open Door Midwifery right after she left (there can be wait lists to get a midwife), and low and behold, they had an opening for me that very week.  So I've already had my first prenatal appt! 

We chatted about how their midwifery practice works, and she asked me some basic questions about the pregnancy.  She added a few items to the blood req that my GP gave me, answered a couple questions I had, and that was about it.  Nice and chill - just what I'm looking for!  I made my next appt for a month from now, and booked my NT ultrasound (at 12 weeks), as they often book up quickly.  I have a midwife :)

Until next time,
Baby Mamma!

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