June 17, 2011

Week 10

Hallelujah!! Turns out Diclectin is a miracle drug - at least for me anyways.  The nausea isn't gone completely, but folks - I HAVE AN APPETITE!  I will never take having an appetite for granted again.  Late afternoon into early evening is still my "witching hour" for nausea, but I'll take that over all day nausea and food aversion!

In other news, our beloved Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this week.  I was disappointed, but not half as disappointed as I was with the useless twats that decided to start RIOTING after the loss.  We were watching the game at my brother in laws place, and after it was over, a friend standing on the balcony said "I think I see smoke coming from downtown!?!"  I actually scoffed.  I figured it was just a coincidence or something.   Turns out, I was wrong.  By the time we walked the 3 blocks home and turned on the TV, it was all over the news.   It made my blood boil to watch a relatively small group of "fans" wreak havoc on our beautiful city, and tarnish the reputation of true canucks fans the world over.   I'll leave it at that, though I could go on.

We've told a couple sets of good friends now too.  It's hard to keep such a secret from people you hang out with so often. Especially when it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and you aren't inviting everyone over to watch the games like you normally would.   I can barely muster up the effort to join Patrick when he takes the dog for his nightly stroll, let alone have company over.  So now they know, and our friends don't think I've become a hermit or a pariah anymore - haha.

And since things are supposed to get more interesting as time goes on, I've decided to do a weekly update.  I figure it will be fun to look back at this later, as I certainly won't remember any of it by the time the wee one arrives.

Week: 10 (from 9w0days to 9w6days)

Weight Gain:  I've actually lost a few pounds due to the nausea and food aversion.  I'm sure that will change soon enough.

Feeling: Huzzah for Diclectin!  Enjoying eating food again, though I tend to have a sour taste in my mouth after eating most things.  Still pretty exhausted too.

Maternity Clothes:My regular clothes are fitting just fine still. I inherited some maternity clothes from a friend which is great!

Cravings: No true cravings yet.  Just happy to be wanting ANY food at all.

Milestones: Um, I have an appetite?  haha

Movement: I'm adding this one in, but I know it will be some time before I actually feel anything.  So for now - nada!

Weekly Wisdom: Diclectin is your friend.  Eating is more important than irrational concerns about a very safe medication.

Random Name Ideas: We haven't talked names too much yet, but we like to throw odd/weird/ridiculous names out there for fun.  This started even before we were pregnant, and we've actually grown fond of one name in particular:  OCTAVIUS.   Don't worry, we aren't really going to use it.  Not really.

Diclectin Loving Mamma

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